by Mike Errico



Heavy Americana from
Mike Errico’s forthcoming album, "Minor Fits"

“Trusted” started as a friendly challenge from the Acoustic Guitar Project, an online platform in which a single guitar travels from musician to musician, and each person gets a week to write and record an original song only using a tiny handheld recorder they provide. “It was fun to do, but the original had a folky, ‘train’ beat. [Producer] Jamie Siegel heard it and suggested pushing the rock foundation he heard in it. I went back to the drawing board several times, following his recommendations, and after a couple of revisions, we landed in that big, “Heavy Americana” zone that I wanted for Minor Fits.

Lyrically, the song is an exploration of trust, as well as why we have so much difficulty with it. “What we think of ourselves is what we project outwardly, and if that lens is smeared, that’s when we get into trouble. But there’s a great unburdening in seeing things for what they are, and that’s what I was hoping to do—you know, without screaming and breaking things, which is usually my first reaction,” he says, laughing. “I’ve left a trail of songs that’ll back me up on that.”


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Did you know
You tell a lot and never show
You talk too fast and listen way too slow
Did you know

Are you mad
The shiny things you never had
It’s a drug, and it’s easy to go bad bad bad
Are you mad

And I wonder how you ever got so angry
The gratitude you missed with your swinging wild fist
You’ll take my time enough to finally blame me
For the moment we first kissed and I wound up on your list
Of the people you never really trusted

Do you care
The box you’re in is made of air
Nothing real ever really told you life was fair
Do you care

And I wonder how we ever get so blinded
By what we think we need, what it looks like to succeed
But do you even want to be reminded
That no matter what the speed, you’re not close to breaking free
From the people you never really trusted

Line ‘em up against the wall
And tell everybody else for once and for all you know
Your secret’s safe with someone new
If only you could hold on to the strength you need
To truly close your eyes

Do you doubt
That have yet to figure out
The time we have is running out

And I wonder where I’ll be the day you get it
That everything you see is all you let yourself believe
And will I know if you had grown up to regret it
And will this moment be something I can still retrieve
From the people you never really trusted


released June 5, 2017
Produced by Jamie Siegel
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound

Mike Errico: Guitar/vocals
Gunnar Olsen: Drums
Matthew Rubano: Bass


all rights reserved



Mike Errico New York, New York

Musician, writer. NY-based.

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